[Free] How to Unblocked YouTube using YouTube Unblocker

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Welcome at the Youtube Unblocked! Thanks for the landing at this blog. Here In this post, I will deal with the YouTube Unblocker. As we already know about the YouTube, YouTube is world number one Video streaming sites.

Where you will get all types of Videos online. But in the case when YouTube is blocked, then what you will do?

What you will learn?

  • How to unblock Youtube?
  • Unblock Youtube Video
  • Best YouTube Unblocker
  • Youtube Proxy [Free]
You have to go with YouTube  Unblocker, Yes, You will get the best YouTube Unblocker by which you can easily unblock your YouTube and then you can watch your favorite videos on YouTube.

So please go throughout the post to get the best youtube unblocker to unblock youtube video.
Youtube Unblocker
Nowadays at many places like school, colleges, office and somewhere else YouTube is blocked due to the various reason.

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Some reasons are for increase the productivity of people or some more reasons are the privacy and other concern. Read Censorship of YouTube to get more clear about the reason.  

It will be better that do not discuss more on the issue why YouTube unblocked in schools and any other place, or country. Rather than we will get the YouTube unblocker and unblock the banned YouTube.

In your country, in your school or at your workplace YouTube is blocked and you have an urgent work or task or also, you want to watch the movies, videos or tutorials on YouTube. But the problem and issue are that how you will watch the block YouTube? 

So is there any solution YouTube is blocked and banned in my school how to watch YouTube videos? Yes, there is a solution that is called the YouTube unblocker. There are many YouTube unblocker are available over the internet.

They are free, by using them you can easily unblock video at your school and you can watch YouTube completely without any hassle.

YouTube Unblocker

Before going anywhere, first of all, I would like to tell you and aware you about YouTube Unblocker. Yes, There may be a question arises in your mind that what is YouTube Unblocker

It is a kind of a script or software which is available and hosted on the websites so that by visiting there you can unblock youtube and you can also watch blocked video on YouTube.

So YouTube unblocker may be the chrome extensions, may be the FireFox Add-on. Some are YouTube unblocker app available now a days. So In this post, we will deal with the various kind of YouTube unblocker.

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So as earlier we have discussed that YouTube is banned and blocked in the various country. But software developer and internet geeks find the way to watch the blocked YouTube. So what is YouTube unblocker exactly?

YouTube unblocker is kind of web apps, from where you can easily watch YouTube, which is banned and blocked. So YouTube unblockers are very useful in the case of watching blocked videos. 

In many cases, the YouTube unblocker helps to unblocked YouTube. Sometimes in an emergency case, you can use it to watch the videos.

So here I am going to list out some of the best YouTube Unblocker, which will be helpful to unblock YouTube video

#1. Youtube unblocker.org

This is the one of the best websites to unblock YouTube video. You can easily unblock the YouTube video through this website. Through this website, you can unblock all the YouTube video in all of the blocked countries.

The design of this YouTube unblocker website is quite simple. You can also unblock Facebook at your school. 

You will get also e Buddy and Myspace unblocked. This website is trustworthy to get the unblocked video. This website provides various YouTube unblocker proxy to get you unblocked video.

Another Site: unblockyoutube.com

How to unblock YouTube?

Yes, Now the main question is how to unblock YouTube with YouTube Unblocker? Yes, here I am going to provide you step by step guide to unblock YouTube. With few mouse click, you can do it.

I am trying to make the guide very easier and simple so that you can easily get unblocked video. So follow the following steps to unblock YouTube easily.
  1. First of all, open your computer Internet browser.
  2. Then go to the following site: http://www.youtubeunblocker.org/
  3. On the homepage , at the bottom menu bar, you will see the menu.
  4. From Menu, click the YouTube, Now your YouTube is open and You have unblocked the YouTube.
So finally, you have done with YouTube unblocked, now you can enjoy YouTube in your country, at your school and also at your workplace. So without any hesitation, you can enjoy YouTube now.

#2. Best VPN for YouTube unblocking


Zenmate is also a very popular VPN, it is basically well known for their proxy. It is one of the best-known extension in chrome and Firefox.

You can easily unblock the YouTube . This website also provides premium version, but you can also get the free trial version.

Personally, I am using Zenmate from last two years, because in my college YouTube is blocked. So that I was searching the best YouTube unblocker to unblock YouTube in school, college then I found it.

 I have first used their trial version, then after few months, I have shifted to premium one.

They provide amazing service, as well as their support team, is award winning. So you may also go through Zenmate YouTube Unblocker.

How to Unblock YouTube using Zenmate?

  1. Go to the https://zenmate.com/unblock-youtube/.
  2. You will get two options one for the Trail and another for the Premium.
  3. If you want to use it free, then go with trail one.
  4. Now you need to register an account and then further you can unblock your YouTube.
So here successfully, you have unblocked your YouTube.

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How to Unblock YouTube | YouTube Unblocked

So here is the video tutorial to unblock YouTube video, also read a guide of WikiHow for how to unblock YouTube in a County.

Wrapped up

Thank you so much for being on this post. Here in this post, I have shared the best guide about YouTube unblocker at http://www.youtubeunblocked.net. I have provided you total review on YouTube Unblocker.

In this post, I have shared the best YouTube unblocker, and also, I have guided you to how to get unblocked video on YouTube easily without any hassle.

Hope you have like this post so much. If you have any issue regarding YouTube unblocker, then feel free to comment below with your issue.

I will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible. Do not forgot to share this post on social media along with your friends. You can share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.

How to Unblock YouTube Videos on Google Chrome

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So you came to the very right post, because this site is dedicated only for YouTube Unblocked. In this post, I am going to teach you how to unblock YouTube Videos on Google Chrome without any software and without any tool. Awesome no? Yes.. So Don't hit back button and go through the full post.

What you will learn?

1. Youtube Unblocker Chrome Extension

2. Extension Installation

3. How to Unblock Youtube Video in Google Chrome?

So let's start the learning process and tutorial for how to Unblock Youtube in Google Chrome?

So we are assuming that YouTube Video is Block in your country, YouTube is Blocked in your school or in your country.

So let's begin.

YouTube Unblocker Chrome Extension

I have already mentioned that without any software and without any special tool we will unblock YouTube Blocked videos. 

So we will do it with YouTube unblocker Chrome extension.

So Chrome extension is like an add-on in chrome, which improve the functionality in chrome. So for YouTube Video blocked related error, there are many YouTube unblocker chrome extension.

In this post, I will add and guide you with only best chrome extension for YouTube unbloking.

Best Extension to Unblock Youtube

As there are many chrome extension, which allow to change to IP and then you will browse the internet from some other country.

Yes, some extensions are Hola, Zenmate, and Browsec.. 

I have used all the above extension for internet browsing purpose and also unblocking the youtube videos.

But, I found Browsec, that works well..   So you can also use browsec extension as chrome youtube unblocker. 

So let's move to the next part where we will learn how to install the extension..

How to Install the extension?

So now you need to install the chrome extension to unblock youtube. For installing the extension follow the steps

2.. After opening you will see the screen like this..

3. Now in that search box, type browsec and hit the enter button..

4. After getting the results, choose first one.. and then click on "Add to chrome"..

5.. Now downloading will be start.. and in few seconds it will be added to your browser.

6. Now you have done with the extension installation..

How to unblock Video in YouTube?

We have installed the extension. Now we need to learn how to unblock videos..

So after installing the browsec extension. It will be added to your chrome browser...

What you need to do now?

Just hover the browsec extension and click on that.

Process is followed in the image. Now you have to click on "Protect me", then choose another country, and it's done..

Now open Youtube, and you can watch video smoothly without any interruption.

Final Words

So here in this post, we have learnt about how to unblock youtube in Google chrome. Hope you have liked this post. Please do not forget to share this post in social media, along with your friends..

Best YouTube Unblocker to Unblock Blocked Videos

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It is highly irritated, when YouTube is blocked or some YouTube videos are blocked. That time we feel so bad. 

Sometime, if we are hosteler or college student, then the fucking college administration or the hostel staffs blocked YouTube and ban YouTube in our college and hostel. That shit things consume our time as well as our mind.

Why YouTube Blocked?

Myself as Student, till now I could not understand, why they block YouTube, why they restrict us to not view YouTube. It is modern era a digital era, where each and everything are available over the internet, and almost YouTube and Google means 50%+ internet.

So reason may be anything for blocking YouTube. 

Unblock YouTube Video Easily in Your Country

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Unblock YouTube Video: Welcome everyone on YouTube unblocked. Thanks for being here. So you are facing the issue of YouTube Block Videos? Do you want to unblock YouTube Video?

Yes, then you are at very right post. Here in this post, I am going to share you best and effective methods to unblock YouTube Video in your PC. 

What you will learn?
  1. Unblock Any Block Youtube Video
  2. Methods to Unblock Video in your Country
  3. How to unblock YouTube Video

Why YouTube Video is Blocked?

So let's start, First we will know about the problem, that why we are facing this problem? why this youtube video is blocked? 

Are you getting one error this video is not available in your country? then I have also solution for this problem.

So the reason behind this error is Copyright and policy of the YouTube. Many videos are not available in all country. So may be your country is listed in all country list in which this video is not available. But do not worry. 

How to Unblock YouTube Video? 

So I am here for helping you. You can easily unblock youtube videos in your country.

Methods to Unblock Youtube Video

There are two different methods to unblock youtube video fast and easily in your country. So here i am going to sharing all those methods 

Using Youtube Unblocker

Yeah, this is the special type of site or software to Unblock Youtube videos. It is paid also, that mean you need to pay.

But only for you, I have make it available for FREE. Just for you.

You can get it free, just read on the steps.

Using Youtube Proxy

I think you have already hear about Proxy. Yeah so you can use Proxy to Unblock YouTube Videos. 

Steps to Unblock YouTube Videos

You do not need to follow any traditional way. Just read carefully

Choose any of the above method.

If you want to Unblock Youtube video with Youtube Unblocker, then click here.

If you want to unblock using Youtube Proxy, then use Youtube Free proxy.

By going through above link you can easily Unblock youtube videos.

Final Words

Thanks for coming to this blog, hope you have got some good helpful hand from our side. So I am sure that now you are able to unblock youtube video easily.

If you are getting any issue, then feel free to let me know. Please do not forget to share this post with your friends.

Happy YouTube Video Watching :) 

How to Unblock YouTube at School

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Welcome once again at YouTube Unblocked! You have searched for the how to unblock YouTube at School. This searching term to unblock YouTube videos has a huge amount of searches in Google as well as other search engines. 

The reason behind this search query is YouTube is very demanding and popular website to watch YouTube Videos, as well as YouTube Movies.

YouTube is broadly used for the Education purpose because on YouTube we can watch free YouTube Video tutorial, YouTube teachers lectures. YouTube is world No. 1 Video Streaming site. It provides latest and useful video to us. So people like the YouTube so much to watch YouTube videos.

Unblock YouTube in school

But there are some issues with YouTube, that are YouTube is usually blocked in school, in many cases, it is also blocked at colleges. Then we think that how to watch YouTube when it blocks.

We are in the problem because YouTube is not just used for entertainment purpose, it is also used for business purpose, for students it is used for the educational purpose. Students use the YouTube to watch their course videos as well as tutorial videos and some more project videos on YouTube.

How to get on YouTube at school when its blocked

So how to watch YouTube when it is Blocked at school, so in my last post I have shared some YouTube unblocker for unblock YouTube Videos. All the Unblocker for watching blocked movies on YouTube was used by me in my school days. So I also faced the issue in my school, that YouTube is totally banned in my school.

So I had no way to unblock the YouTube, after that I have found some way by researching on the net. In the way of researching, I have listened to the name of YouTube video unblocker and also I have listened YouTube proxy to unblock the videos.

How to Unblock YouTube at School

So Here, I am going to provide you the different way to Unblock YouTube at School.

Unblock YouTube Using YouTube Proxy

Here I am going to telling you how to  unblock YouTube at your school by changing your computer proxy. This is also a good method to unblock the YouTube easily. As every computer have their own IP(Internet Protocol).

So each computer assign with a proxy. Which denoted their location country and ISP to the internet. So you can simply browse the blocked YouTube videos, by Changing the proxy.
Here is the steps to change to proxy.

  1. You need a proxy server. You can get any free proxy from the internet. 
  2. Now open your browser, in which you want to access YouTube. 

For Google Chrome

  1. Go to the Settings>Show Advanced Setting > Change Proxy Setting
  2. In Connection tab, then click on 'LAN'.
  3. Now according to the following snapshot, you can fill the proxy, and in port enter 8080.
  4. Then click ok.

For Mozilla Firefox

  1. For Mozilla Firefox Go to Options>Advance>Connection >Setting
  2. Then you will get the screen, where you need to input proxy and port.
  3. Input proxy and then Port Number: 8080, then click OK.
You are done with a proxy. Now you can enjoy the YouTube videos.

Here: List of Free Youtube Proxy Sites

YouTube Unblocked Using Tor Browser

This is one of the easy and most efficient way to get YouTube Unblocked. Yes, Tor Browser use the different proxy and different nodes to access a single web page. Each time, It uses a new node, a new proxy to open a new website.

So You are thinking that how can you unblock YouTube at school using Tor Browser. Then do not a think more, you just need to get Tor Browser only. If you have already tor Browser Downloaded then you do not need to Download it.

Otherwise, You Can Download from This Link : https://www.torproject.org/download/download.

After Downloading, install it in your Computer. If you are from the mobile and You are using Android, then you can get Tor Browser from Google Play Store : Tor Browser for Android with Proxy

After installation, simply in URL input box, enter http://www.youtube.com. Then you will have the access of blocked YouTube. So finally you have unblocked YouTube at school easily.

YouTube unblock Using Google Translator

You can also use this working method to unblock YouTube at college and school. You have listened about Google Translator already. If you do not know about Google Translator, then here I am giving you one line introduction to Google Translator.

It translates the word and voice from one language to different languages. Example English to Spanish Etc.

So now, the question is how to unblock the blocked YouTube at school using Google Translator. Then follow the simple steps which I have mentioned below

  1. Open the Google Translator in your web Browser :  Click Here
  2. After opening the Google Translator, you will the two input area boxes.
  3. First, choose the different country languages in both the input box.
  4. Input "YouTube.com", in the first input box.
  5. Automatically a link to YouTube will be generated in another box. You can see the figure.
  6. Now click on the link of YouTube.
  7. Done. YouTube is unblocked in School.

So this is a very simple and easy way to unblock YouTube without Proxy. The main benefit of this method is it does not require any downloading, it does not require any proxy. Also without changing any setting you can easily Unblock the YouTube.

Fixed: This Video is not Available in your Country.

Wrapped up

Thank you so much for being on this post. In this post, I have share you step by step guide to unblock YouTube at School. I have a different way for unblocking the blocked YouTube videos. By using any of the above method and ways, you can easily watch blocked videos on YouTube. You can also unblock YouTube at your Office.

 If you have any issue related to the YouTube Blocked, then feel free to ask your doubt and issue in the comment section. We will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible. Do not forgot to share this amazing post in social media along with your friends. So share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

[Fixed] This Video is Not Available in Your Country

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"This Video is Not Available in Your Country" it is the most common error in YouTube. So, Today in this post, I am going to give you this video is not available in your country solution.

Today I was surfing YouTube, I got a video but that video is not opening because there was a youtube error showing this video is not available in your country youtube.

You are here on this post because you are also facing the same error. I can understand, this error is really frustrating. So here on youtube unblocked, I am going to provide the solution for this YouTube error.

this video is not available in your country
this video is not available in your country
Before going to the solution, let's know some fact about YouTube. Whenever you are thinking about the internet, one thing struck in your mind that is Google. 

When it comes to search about Online Videos then every time you will think about YouTube. Yes, YouTube is the online Video streaming giants, having millions and billions of videos. 

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Table of Contents

1. Why is This Video Not Available in My Country ?

2. How to Fix This Video is Not Available in Your Country error?

3. Extension & Add-ons
   3.1 For Windows (Chrome & FireFox)
   3.2 For Mac
   3.2 For Android
   3.3 For iOS

4. YouTube Unblocker

5. Google Translator

6. YouTube Proxy

7. Wrapped up  

#1. Why is This Video Not Available in My Country ?

Here you wanted to know the reason that why this youtube video is blocked in my country. So I would like to say there may be lots of reason. 

Due to some single reason, it can not happen. Sometimes, Government has some policy about the web content, here the content meaning everything over the internet. 

The government of your country does not want to show some specific videos if your videos come under that category then that video is surely not available in your country. 

Sometimes it happens because this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim.

There may be some ISP issue of your country. This is the problem and issue regarding the policy and the country. Now due to the video uploader like "the uploader has not made this video available in your country". 

Till now, you have known the reason about why this video is not available in your country. Now further, we will learn to fix this youtube error.

Learn: How to Unblock Youtube at School.

#2. How to Fix This Video is Not Available in Your Country?

I have fixed this issue for one of the YouTube videos, I did it many times. So here I am going to tell you the way that how I fixed this video is not available in your country error. 

I have divided this guide in various section, every section for various devices. I have shared this guide for various devices

#3. Extension & Add-ons

By using extension and Add-ons you can unblock blocked youtube videos in your country. Ya, there are many free as well as premium extension available over the internet. 

There are many extension available over the internet. Here I have listed some extension for the fix this issue

1. Browsec VPN

This is a VPN which is used in any browser to unblock a site, change the proxy, and browse the internet from another country. This is a good extension to fix this youtube error.

So you will fix this issue with this extension. It is widely available for the Chrome, FireFox as well as for the iOS.

2. Hola

3. Zenmate

All these extensions are platform independent. That mean all these extensions available for the every Operating system as well as every browser. So you do not need to worry if you are using FireFox or other OS like Mac, iOS.

#3.1. Fix This Video is Not Available in Your Country Windows

If you are using chrome over the windows then you are at the very right section. 

Here in this section, we will discuss how to install an extension on chrome then further we will fix the 'this video is not available in your country solution' issue. 

This extension will work for the Windows 7, 8, 8.1 as well as windows 10. So you do not need to worry. 

We will go with Browsec Extension because it is easy to use.

This video is not available in your Country Chrome extension

For chrome. follow the following step to fixing the issue

1. Go to the Google Chrome Web Store. Click here.

2. You will get the following screen

3. At the top left corner, make sure you are at Extension tab, then in search box type any extension name, here I am going with "Browsec". Then hit enter.

4. Now you will get the result, you have lists of the extensions and apps. In extension section, you will see the "Browsec Extension", then click to "Add to chrome".

5. After Clicking on Add to chrome, one pop-up will appear, then click "Add Extension.

6. The extension downloading will start in next moment, wait till downloading. It will automatically add to the chrome. 

For confirmation, you can see in your chrome browser at the top right corner. 

Now you have successfully downloaded the extension in chrome.

How to bypass This Video is Not Available in Your Country

For watching the unavailable youtube videos, you need to now enable the downloaded Browsec Extension. So follow the steps

1. At the top right corner, you will see the icon of Browsec extension in chrome. 

2. Click on that icon and wait a while. You will get the following screen

3. Then click on Protect me. 

4. Now you can watch those blocked videos.

5. If, yet you are unable to watch the videos, then change the location. for changing the location click "Change Location" in Browsec Extension.

Note : Please do not choose your Country. Choose another country, because that video is not available in your country.

Now go to Youtube and watch that video, you will smoothly access to that video without any problem. 

If again you are facing any issue then please comment below in comment section.

This video is not available in your Country FireFox

If you are surfing the web with FireFox and you are getting the youtube error that is this video is not available in your country then you need to follow the following steps to fixed this error.

1. Go to the FireFox Add-ons store. Click Here 

2. Now in the search input box, type "Browsec VPN" and enter.

3. Now Add this Add-on in your FireFox.

4. Enable this add-on, by clicking on the icon at the top right corner.

5. If needed, you can change the location also.

So here is done. You have successfully fixed this video is not available in your country error.

#3.2. Fix This Video is Not Available in Your Country Mac

On Mac operating system, you can follow the same above procedure if you are using Chrome Web Browser in Mac. But if you are using Safari on your Mac. Then you need to follow the some steps

1. Go to iTune store. Here is the link click here.
2. Now you need to search for the "Browsec".
3. Then Download it in your Safari.
4. Enable it, and also, change the location. Now you are done.

By doing all the above steps, you can fix this youtube error. You can watch now that video without any issue.

#3.3. Fix This Video is Not Available in Your Country Android

The above same procedure can be followed in Android to watch the 'this video not available in your country for Android'. You need to download the Browsec extension in chrome browser. So follow the 3.1 guide to unblock blocked youtube videos.

If you are on FireFox, then you can also add Browsec Add-on in Firefox for android. 

#3.4. Fix This Video is Not Available in Your Country iOS/iPad

For the iOS user, who want to fix this issue. You can follow the 3.1 Guide, which is described above.

But if you are using Safari, then follow the above 3.2 guide. So by following above guide you can fix this problem simply. If you are using FireFox in iOS then you can also unblock blocked videos.

#4. YouTube Unblocker unblock blocked videos

You can resolve this video is not available in your country by using youtube unblocker. For more details read following best guide on youtube unblocker.

Know more: Youtube Unblocker to Unblock Youtube

#5. Google Translator restricted Videos

"This Video is Not Available in Your Country" this error can be fixed by the Google Translator. Now you will say how can I solve this error using Google translator? then my answer will be "follow the following guide".

Before going to the guide, I want to tell you that Google Translator is used to translating the word and sentences from one language to another language. But, today we will use it to fixed this video is not available in your country.

So follow the following steps.

1. Go to the Google Translator. Click Here.

2. You will get two input box. Input URL of blocked video in the first box as shown in the picture below.

3. At the other side choose the language of any other country.

4. Then click on the translated link.

5. Now you are able to watch that unavailable video in your Country. 

So that you can watch restricted youtube videos in your country by using Google Translator.

Note: If you are unable to unblock video, then keep changing the language and then try. If again you are not able to watch then comment below.

#6. YouTube Proxy

You can solve the above error that videos are not available in your country. So the question is How to watch restricted youtube videos in your country

Ya, you can unblock all these videos in your country by using YouTube Proxy. You need to change your computer system proxy. So for changing the proxy follow the post below

Here is the List of YouTube Free Proxy Sites

Fix This Video is Not Available in Your Country

Here is one of the YouTube video tutorial for how to watch restricted videos

Wrapped up

First of all, I would like to thank you to you. Because you are very important to me. You came to my blog and read this complete guide, I am highly appreciated. 

So I have provided you each and every step to fix This Video is Not Available in Your Country error

I have shared the guide for the everything, for the windows, for the Mac, for Android and also for the iOS. 

Hope you have like my post. If you have again any issue with YouTube then feel free to ask me in the comment section.

I will reply you as soon as possible. Please do not forget to share this amazing post in social media along with your friends.