How YouTube Unblocked at School

Here in this post, I am going to share steps, which I followed to YouTube Unblocked at School. On YouTube Unblocked, I have also shared how to unblock YouTube at school in my previous post. Hope you have liked my previous post. In this post, you will get to know about the steps, methods, and resources, which I used to unblocked YouTube at School, Colleges and office.

If you are Regular Reader of the, then surely you know that I am a student. I do live in the hostel. My School authority has been blocked YouTube at school so that I was unable to watch YouTube videos in my school's hostel. This is a very big problem I was facing at my school. 

youtube unblocked at school

So that I have tried a lot of methods, lot of YouTube Unblocker, and then I have found some cool way to unblock YouTube. By doing some simple things and following some simple steps I have done YouTube unblocked at School.


As we already discussed YouTube, that what is YouTube? So YouTube is world No. 1 video streaming site. YouTube is owned by Google. Which provides quality videos online. YouTube is a great resource for the tutorial, study, and entertainments. So YouTube is an important website for the students.

Why YouTube Blocked at School?

Do you know, Why YouTube is Blocked at school? There may be many reasons so that they higher authority blocks the YouTube and other sites. School's Administration wanted that our student should be productive, they do not waste their time anywhere. As many of the students waste their time on YouTube in watching UN-necessary videos. 

YouTube Unblocked at School

So here is the method which, I used to watch blocked youtube videos at my school. So you can also use this method.

1. YouTube Unblocker

This method is very easy and effective. Yes, by using YouTube unblocker, I was able to watch youtube videos at my hostel. A YouTube unblocker helps to unblockyoutube Videos. There are many youtube unblocker available on the internet. I have also listed out some YouTube unblocker in one of my posts. 
I personally used unblockyoutube to watch blocked youtube videos. This unblockyoutube website is very easy and secure to use. You can use this YouTube unblocker website. Just follow the step to unblocked youtube at school.
1. Go to
2. You will see an input URL box.
3. In input URL box, type, and then hit enter.
Finally, in 3 simple step, you have unblocked YouTube. 

Final Words

Thank you so much for being on this post about Unblocked YouTube in School. To be honest, I have not use any rocket science to unblock YouTube at my school. Just I researched over the internet, and I did. So you can also do YouTube Unblocking. 

Hope you have liked my post. Feel free to share this post in social media, along with your friends. If you have any doubt then feel free to ask in the comment section and please do not forget to mention your issue  in comment.
Thanks :)


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