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YouTube proxy : Welcome, we have been come up with another new and informative post. In this post we will deals with YouTube Proxy, I have provided complete details about the YouTube proxy along with a tutorial to how to use YouTube proxy to unblock YouTube at office, school, university. 

In addition, I will give you the YouTube proxy list. Apart from the list, I have listed top best YouTube proxy. All these proxy are free YouTube proxy.

What is Proxy?

First of all I want to give you brief introduction of the proxy. So proxy is an intermediate, In computer world it is another intermediate computer between your computer and another computer or internet.

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How Proxy works to unblock YouTube?

Suppose in your country or school the YouTube is blocked, then you can unblock YouTube using proxy server. But do you know the concept behind this? How it works?

As Above we have mentioned that proxies are intermediate. Suppose you have to visit, that is blocked at your computer system by your country or school. Then you will ask intermediate computer(Proxy) to visit YouTube. Then proxy visit the YouTube and then YouTube will be unblocked and you will have access of YouTube.


How to Unblock YouTube using Proxy Websites?

1. First you need to go to the one of the Proxy site. You can get many YouTube proxy sites from the Google Search Result.

2. Then on the proxy site you will get an input box, type there, and then hit enter or Go.
3. Youtube will be unblocked and you will have access to watch blocked youtube at your school, country or office.

YouTube proxy list

Here is the some best YouTube proxy list. I have listed only free YouTube proxy website.


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