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Welcome at the Youtube Unblocked! Thanks for the landing at this blog. Here In this post, I will deal with the YouTube Unblocker. As we already know about the YouTube, YouTube is world number one Video streaming sites.

Where you will get all types of Videos online. But in the case when YouTube is blocked, then what you will do?

What you will learn?

  • How to unblock Youtube?
  • Unblock Youtube Video
  • Best YouTube Unblocker
  • Youtube Proxy [Free]
You have to go with YouTube  Unblocker, Yes, You will get the best YouTube Unblocker by which you can easily unblock your YouTube and then you can watch your favorite videos on YouTube.

So please go throughout the post to get the best youtube unblocker to unblock youtube video.
Youtube Unblocker
Nowadays at many places like school, colleges, office and somewhere else YouTube is blocked due to the various reason.

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Some reasons are for increase the productivity of people or some more reasons are the privacy and other concern. Read Censorship of YouTube to get more clear about the reason.  

It will be better that do not discuss more on the issue why YouTube unblocked in schools and any other place, or country. Rather than we will get the YouTube unblocker and unblock the banned YouTube.

In your country, in your school or at your workplace YouTube is blocked and you have an urgent work or task or also, you want to watch the movies, videos or tutorials on YouTube. But the problem and issue are that how you will watch the block YouTube? 

So is there any solution YouTube is blocked and banned in my school how to watch YouTube videos? Yes, there is a solution that is called the YouTube unblocker. There are many YouTube unblocker are available over the internet.

They are free, by using them you can easily unblock video at your school and you can watch YouTube completely without any hassle.

YouTube Unblocker

Before going anywhere, first of all, I would like to tell you and aware you about YouTube Unblocker. Yes, There may be a question arises in your mind that what is YouTube Unblocker

It is a kind of a script or software which is available and hosted on the websites so that by visiting there you can unblock youtube and you can also watch blocked video on YouTube.

So YouTube unblocker may be the chrome extensions, may be the FireFox Add-on. Some are YouTube unblocker app available now a days. So In this post, we will deal with the various kind of YouTube unblocker.

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So as earlier we have discussed that YouTube is banned and blocked in the various country. But software developer and internet geeks find the way to watch the blocked YouTube. So what is YouTube unblocker exactly?

YouTube unblocker is kind of web apps, from where you can easily watch YouTube, which is banned and blocked. So YouTube unblockers are very useful in the case of watching blocked videos. 

In many cases, the YouTube unblocker helps to unblocked YouTube. Sometimes in an emergency case, you can use it to watch the videos.

So here I am going to list out some of the best YouTube Unblocker, which will be helpful to unblock YouTube video

#1. Youtube unblocker.org

This is the one of the best websites to unblock YouTube video. You can easily unblock the YouTube video through this website. Through this website, you can unblock all the YouTube video in all of the blocked countries.

The design of this YouTube unblocker website is quite simple. You can also unblock Facebook at your school. 

You will get also e Buddy and Myspace unblocked. This website is trustworthy to get the unblocked video. This website provides various YouTube unblocker proxy to get you unblocked video.

Another Site: unblockyoutube.com

How to unblock YouTube?

Yes, Now the main question is how to unblock YouTube with YouTube Unblocker? Yes, here I am going to provide you step by step guide to unblock YouTube. With few mouse click, you can do it.

I am trying to make the guide very easier and simple so that you can easily get unblocked video. So follow the following steps to unblock YouTube easily.
  1. First of all, open your computer Internet browser.
  2. Then go to the following site: http://www.youtubeunblocker.org/
  3. On the homepage , at the bottom menu bar, you will see the menu.
  4. From Menu, click the YouTube, Now your YouTube is open and You have unblocked the YouTube.
So finally, you have done with YouTube unblocked, now you can enjoy YouTube in your country, at your school and also at your workplace. So without any hesitation, you can enjoy YouTube now.

#2. Best VPN for YouTube unblocking


Zenmate is also a very popular VPN, it is basically well known for their proxy. It is one of the best-known extension in chrome and Firefox.

You can easily unblock the YouTube . This website also provides premium version, but you can also get the free trial version.

Personally, I am using Zenmate from last two years, because in my college YouTube is blocked. So that I was searching the best YouTube unblocker to unblock YouTube in school, college then I found it.

 I have first used their trial version, then after few months, I have shifted to premium one.

They provide amazing service, as well as their support team, is award winning. So you may also go through Zenmate YouTube Unblocker.

How to Unblock YouTube using Zenmate?

  1. Go to the https://zenmate.com/unblock-youtube/.
  2. You will get two options one for the Trail and another for the Premium.
  3. If you want to use it free, then go with trail one.
  4. Now you need to register an account and then further you can unblock your YouTube.
So here successfully, you have unblocked your YouTube.

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How to Unblock YouTube | YouTube Unblocked

So here is the video tutorial to unblock YouTube video, also read a guide of WikiHow for how to unblock YouTube in a County.

Wrapped up

Thank you so much for being on this post. Here in this post, I have shared the best guide about YouTube unblocker at http://www.youtubeunblocked.net. I have provided you total review on YouTube Unblocker.

In this post, I have shared the best YouTube unblocker, and also, I have guided you to how to get unblocked video on YouTube easily without any hassle.

Hope you have like this post so much. If you have any issue regarding YouTube unblocker, then feel free to comment below with your issue.

I will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible. Do not forgot to share this post on social media along with your friends. You can share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.


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